Previous Winners

2019 winners

WINNERS – North Halifax Grammar School (NHGS – 1701)
2nd place – The Kings Academy (Magic Turtle)
3rd place – Epsom College (Asteria)

2018 winners

WINNERS – Tonbridge School, Kent (Rocketon)
2nd place – Sweyne Park School, Essex (The Canary Wharf Project)
3rd place – Abbeyfield School, Chippenham (Altran JEP Propelled)

2017 winners

WINNERS – Sweyne Park School, from Essex (The Canary Wharf Project)
2nd place – Tonbridge School, from Kent (Team 1)
3rd place – Steward’s Academy, from Harlow, Essex

2016 winners

WINNERS –  Abbeyfield School, from Chippenham, Wiltshire  (Altran 1)
2nd place – Abbeyfield School, from Chippenham, Wiltshire (Altran Thunderducks)
3rd place – Steward’s Academy, from Harlow, Essex

2015 winners

WINNERS – James Hornsby School (Team Terminator)
2nd place – Abbeyfield School (Team One)
3rd place – Chelmer Valley (HMS Bantah)

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2014 winners 

WINNERS – North Halifax Grammar School
2nd place – Batley Business and Enterprise College
3rd place – The Perse School, Cambridge

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2013 winners

WINNERS – The Royal Liberty School, Romford
2nd place – 1114 (Gosforth) ATC Squadron
3rd place – Whitley Bay High School, Tyne and Wear

2012 winners

WINNERS – The Perse School, Cambridge
2nd place – The Thomas Hardye School, Dorcester
3rd place – Abbeyfield School, Chippenham

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