Sponsoring UKRoC

UKRoC would not be possible without the support from sponsors, partners and industry specialists.  For 2019 we are looking for your support to help grow the number of participating teams and open up the opportunity to all young people who would love to participate in the competition.

You can sponsor UKRoC. Primarily we look for financial support from Sponsors which enables us to offer a compelling and affordable STEM experience. By sponsoring you help to inspire and encourage the next generation.

We would welcome your participation – sponsors are encouraged to reach out to teams to offer plant tours, mentoring, and other opportunities to learn and advise on careers in the aerospace industry.

For additional information about the sponsorship packages or if you would like to discuss further your involvement in this exciting STEM activity please do contact:

Robin Reed
Head of Sales & Sponsorship
+44 (0) 20 7091 7818

The UKRoC would like to thank our sponsors, supporters and partners for their ongoing support:

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