UKRoC see’s hundreds of young people take part in the competition year after year. Here are what some of our past participants have said about the competition:

“UKRoC was the single largest influence as to why I chose to study Engineering at University” – Matt Escott, Cambridge University Spaceflight

“It was a great experience. I made new friends and enjoyed working as part of a team. It was amazing to see the rocket that we built, in action. This has encouraged me to become involved in more science activities” – Student, Stewards Academy

“My eldest son is extremely bright and has Asperger’s Syndrome.  He was never going to be stretched academically at school, and he was never going to have a roomful of friends.  However, Rocket Club and the competition provided him with an interest which encouraged and channeled his enthusiasm for maths, physics and computer programming.  He is now at Oxford reading Maths and very happy, but Rocket Club kept him interested and motivated at school ‘while he was waiting’ to get in to an appropriately challenging institution.” – Parent, Abbeyfield School 

“The day was a great opportunity to combine Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in to a really interesting project that gave us a great day at the competition. Competing against the other schools created a brilliant atmosphere and we really enjoyed the build up to it!” – Student, Chelmer Valley School  

“What can I say but a huge, huge massive thanks for a wonderful 2 days! We had a fantastic time, yours and everyone else’s kindness and generosity made this a trip that none of the pupils will ever forget. It really was brilliant.” – Teacher, Abbeyfield School