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Only a week to go until the National Finals! 

Congratulations on the following teams for reaching the Nationals Finals:

10th Chippenham Air Scouts (Team Owls)
10th Chippenham Air Scouts (Team Merlin)
Abbeyfield School (Team One)
Abbeyfield School (Team Two)
Chelmer Valley (Team Death)
Chelmer Valley (Team HMS Bantah)
Great Baddow (Team Apollo)
Great Baddow (Team Thunderstorm)
Great Baddow (Team Ballistic Banana)
Grieg City Academy (Team One)
Greig City Academy (Team Two)
James Hornsby (Team Terminator)
James Hornsby (Team Lord of the Skies)
Queen Ethelburga’s College
Shenfield High School (Team Shenners)
William De Ferrers (Team Hurricane)
Woodlands (Team Rocket)
Woodlands (Team Little Einsteins)
Year in Industry

2015 Key Dates:

2 June      NATIONAL FINALS: BRIEFING & DINNER (Stow Maries Aerodrome, Essex)
3 June      NATIONAL FINAL DAY (Stow Maries Aerodrome, Essex)
18-19 June  INTERNATIONAL FINAL DAYS (Paris Airshow)

Please note: The French authorities only allow single motors to be used at the Paris Air Show i.e. not clusters of motors. Please be aware that if you are using a cluster the winning UK National team will have to construct a new motor section for the model.