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Paris International Airshow |  Thursday 22nd – Friday 23rd June 


After a number of regional events and seeing almost 100 teams participate in the competition, the UK have their National Final winner – Congratulations to Sweyne Park School based in Essex!

This is the final stage of the competition – the UK winning team will be competing against other national finalist teams from France, Japan and the United States of America at the world famous Paris International Airshow.  All of us from UKRoC are routing for the UK to be the world champions in youth rocketry – go Team UKRoC! 

Follow us on our Official UKRoC 2017 Facebook page to see pictures and videos from across the competition. From Regional events to National Finals, follow our UKRoC Journey! And of course keep up to date with all of the latest news and coverage from the International Finals in Paris!  Use the hashtag #UKRoC


That’s right – we will soon be launching our 2018 competition within the next few months. Now is the time to really start finding out more about Rocketry and the competition. Look out for further information on how to register your team on our website and Facebook page. 

What the teachers say…

“Our students are fired up with enthusiasm and plans for developing their rocket further”  Teacher, UTC Harbourside

“The kids get so much from it and experience team work, working together and problem solving. This is so valuable and so beneficial for them” – Teacher, National Finals

What the parents say…

“Excellent platform for kids to improve their knowledge & learn/discover more information” –  Parent, South East School

“Fantastic learning boost prior to any further studies within university. Great motivation for kids” Parent, South East School

What the young people say… 

“If we want to go in to this kind of work then we can use this” – Pupil, National Finals

“Its really good and looks really great on our CV!” – Pupil, National Finals

The UK Youth Rocketry Challenge (UKRoC) is a great way to engage the next generation of engineers with practical experience of building and executing complex missions. This is an exciting way to learn more about maths and science, with the UK winners getting the chance to compete against teams from France, USA and Japan at the International Finals.